Airport Cabs Hyderabad Tariff

hyderabad cabs tariff

Package A/C Indica * Extra KM A/C Verito/IndiGo Extra KM A/C Innova & Tavera Extra KM Book Now
1hrs - 15Kms Rs. 300/- Rs.10/- Rs. 350/- Rs.13/- Rs. 400/- Rs.15/- Book Now
2hrs - 20Kms Rs. 350/- Rs.10/- Rs. 450/- Rs.13/- Rs. 550/- Rs.15/- Book Now
3hrs - 30Kms Rs. 500/- Rs.10/- Rs. 700/- Rs.13/- Rs. 850/- Rs.15/- Book Now
4hrs - 40Kms Rs. 650/- Rs.10/- Rs. 900/- Rs.13/- Rs. 1150/- Rs.15/- Book Now
5hrs - 50Kms Rs. 800/- Rs.10/- Rs. 1100/- Rs.13/- Rs. 1450/- Rs.15/- Book Now
6hrs - 60Kms Rs. 950/- Rs.10/- Rs. 1300/- Rs.13/- Rs. 1750/- Rs.15/- Book Now
7hrs - 70Kms Rs. 1100/- Rs.10/- Rs. 1500/- Rs.13/- Rs. 2050/- Rs.15/- Book Now
8hrs - 80Kms Rs. 1300/- Rs.10/- Rs. 1750/- Rs.13/- Rs. 2350/- Rs.15/- Book Now
9hrs - 90Kms Rs. 1400/- Rs.10/- Rs. 1900/- Rs.13/- Rs. 2650/- Rs.15/- Book Now
10hrs - 100Kms Rs. 1600/- Rs.10/- Rs. 2200/- Rs.13/- Rs. 2950/- Rs.15/- Book Now
Out Station * Rs.2550/-@ 250Kms Rs.9/- Rs.2500/-@ 250Kms Rs.10/- Rs.3500/-@ 250Kms Rs.14/- Book Now
City to Airport * Plan-1 Rs.500/-@30 Km Rs.10/- Rs.650/-@30 Km Rs.13/- Rs. 850/-@30 Km Rs.15/- Book Now
City to Airport * Plan-2 Rs.550/-@35 Km Rs.10/- Rs.700/-@35 Km Rs.13/- Rs. 900/-@35 Km Rs.15/- Book Now
City to Airport * Plan-3 Rs.600/-@40 Km Rs.10/- Rs.750/-@40 Km Rs.13/- Rs. 950/-@40 Km Rs.15/- Book Now
Airport to City Limit* Rs.500/-@35 Km Rs.10/- Rs.600/-@35 Km Rs.13/- Rs. 800/-@35 Km Rs.15/- Book Now
Airport To & Fro *  Rs.1050/-@ 80Km Rs.10/- Rs.1250/-@80Km Rs.13/- Rs.1600/-@80Km Rs.15/- Book Now

Note: Airport Parking Paid by custormers only.
Outstation trip: Driver allowance Rs.300
State Tax, Toll Tax, Parking Paid by Customer.

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